Up Storying Your Learning

Relating your own organizational experience with an epic story of humanity and achievement is a great context for a training event. Not only does it transform a sterile and uninspired conference room but it reverses the paradigm of one-way communication creating a memorable experience that continues to feed individuals and organizations long after the training event.

By changing the environment we change the conversations, we invoke the metaphor as an ally that cuts through the confusion when we are wedged tight up against problems and challenges. This opens us to a bigger arena where meaning and purpose are summoned and played out.

Once upon a time the VISA and Electronic Banking Division of Bank of Montreal was going through a major change and upheaval. Some people in the organization needed to move on for the division to move forward. TeamEverest provided a catalyst and some very interesting parallels for this to take place in an inspiring context. The power of the metaphor tied with a true-to-life story connected to what was actually taking place in the room. TeamEverest and the facilitation team were the lightning rods. A major personal and divisional reorganization took place into the night following our journey up the mountain during the day.

Out of 75 evaluations 58 participants gave the event 5 out of 5 the rest were 4's.

Right from the beginning everyone saw the analogy of the Everest experience in his or her business and personal life. I was transfixed watching 100 people becoming so unusually attentive and introspective and at the same time so engaged. I never imagined that the TeamEverest experience would be this powerful.

Our survey of the TeamEverest session got very high satisfaction ratings. This is a product that continues to make a difference to our organization. I unreservedly recommend it to you.”

Glenna Kaczmarczyk, Director of National Sales, Electronic Banking – Bank of Montreal,

The story held true each step of the way. That's what great stories do.

We received a standing ovation from the group of 88 participants and of the many comments one person said that in the 12 years since her husband had committed suicide nothing in the workplace had spoken to her with anything like the depth of this event. It had been personally and professionally transformative. That's the magic of metaphor and story integrated into the organizational journey.

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