A skillful and probing study of the contrasts in character between the Norwegian [Amundsen] and the Englishman [Scott]." - The New Yorker
"When you finish it [The Last Place on Earth] you will know much more about human nature...It is about two explorers, two cultures and about the nature of exploration itself, which to me is the counterpoint to the creative impulse, requiring mental toughness, imagination, courage and a leap of faith. Most of all this is about a race, which was the last great expedition that ended the Age of Discovery, is a study in leadership." - Paul Theroux


A new experiential, highly participatory learning adventure brought to you by the creators of TeamEverest.

No off-the-shelf training program. PolarLeader facilitators and instructional designers work with you to identify your main themes and objectives for your event. Then we meticulously craft the story, experiential activities and instructional models just for you. 
It could be on a cruise ship to Antartica, a conference room in Baltimore; it could be 10 senior executives or 1000 Youth Leaders. We are as adventurous as our programs and with our 30 years of designing and delivering PolarLeader's sister program, TeamEverest, we have the experience to enable your organization to reach its “Furthest South.”
We at Storied Ground have long been searching for the ultimate leadership adventure story. In PolarLeader we have found it on two counts: First is the spellbinding and meticulously researched dual biography by Roland Huntford of the rivals, English Captain Robert F. Scott and Norwegian Roald Amundsen titled Last Place on Earth. AND the CBS / Masterpiece Theatre 7-part video series by Trevor Griffiths  based on the book. We at Storied Ground have acquired the international educational rights to the LPOE footage..
The New York Times book review called the Last Place on Earth "one of the great debunking biographies." It was greeted with outrage in Britain, where Scott had achieved mythic status. Scott embodied the “spirit of self-sacrifice." A naval officer who was the epitome of "regimented mediocrity," Scott only became a polar explorer to jump-start his stalled career. Huntford couldn't paint a more stark contrast than that between Scott and Amundsen. Amundsen didn't drift into polar exploration, it was his dream since he was a teen. Where Scott improvised, Amundsen carefully prepared; he sought men who would take initiative, rather than passively receive orders. Rather than embrace self-sacrifice and suffering as an ideal, Amundsen attacked the problem of polar exploration rationally and efficiently. For him, "adventure is just bad planning." He used skis and dogs; Scott used "man-hauling." It is almost comical to read of Scott's mistakes and utter incompetence after reading how Amundsen led his expedition. It might have been funny, if it weren't so tragic; such a sheer waste in every sense of the word.
Through the power of storytelling, 5-minute clips from the superbly produced mini-series combined with interactive exercises, experiential activities, organizational links and learning models we bring this story to life within your organization, allowing the power of inspiration, insight and real-world lessons in truly effective leadership to bring renewed life to your organization’s own mythic narrative.
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