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“Other Everest climbers who've participated in TeamEverest have told me that TeamEverest is about as close as you can come to the real thing. That means a lot to us as we created it to be true-to-life; everything you see in TeamEverest was captured under those adverse conditions, the photos, video and walkie-talkie transmissions.

Jim Elzinga - Leader of Canada's most successful expedition to Mt. Everest


NARRATIVE  is a pervasive technology that human beings have evolved over millennia for entertainment, learning and the preservation and shaping of culture. By promoting cognitive activities such as suspension of disbelief and story involvement, narrative can potentially reinforce learning objectives and ingrain subject matter. (Harp and Mayer, 1998) Also one of the significant advantages is that narrative-based learning provides a meaningful structure integrating pedagogical objectives into a unifying, coherent form that serves as a powerful motivating force for learning. (Rowe 2007).


Narrative Learning Environments or NLE’s are a growing field of educational research. Millennials are getting more and more of their information through online sources and games. Gamification is a major trend. Now a number of educators are suggesting that perhaps all knowledge should be conveyed within Narrative framework. Narrative Based Learning does not separate knowledge from the relationships in which they are embedded nor does it divorce it from emotional content and connections. This is what we at Storied Ground have been exploring with TeamEverest over many years; how to integrate narrative and emotions back into the learning process. This has significant benefits in terms of memorability, engagement / motivation and also conserves (often scarce) cognitive resources. This has evolved directly out of a search for deeper and more memorable learning experiences within the organizational setting.


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TeamEverest has been played by street youth and elite executive groups all over the world for many years. Its ability to hold people’s attention and engage them in real learning and development has been proven over and over again from the Great Wall of China to boardrooms across North America.  TeamEverest, the most compelling way to deliver facilitator-led on-site training and can be elegantly adapted to any organizational context, bringing heightened awareness and meaningful attention to real-world challenges

Through the power of short storytelling sequences from the superbly produced mini-series Last Place on Earth, combined with interactive exercises, experiential activities, organizational links and learning models all woven together on our interactive platform Townhall Builder. We bring this story to life within your organization, allowing the power of inspiration, insight and real-world lessons in truly effective leadership to bring renewed life to your organization’s own mythic narrative.

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