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Training for the

Unconventional Mind

Ramp up your training through the masterful use of Story and Metaphor. Unquestionably more compelling, participatory and memorable than traditional training. Much easier to pitch and get buy-in.

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Strong support during

your Change Process

A set of tools for insight, self-awareness, 

team effectiveness,  leadership and personal mastery. We experientialize these tools in a group setting to explore collaboration, bridge building and the breaking down of barriers individually and throughout the organization.


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Do you Dream of Training Platforms?

We do. That's why we assembled a team of trainers and facilitators with one hundred years of collective experience to create the best possible training vehicle and platform. Next, we designed and redesigned the platform, finally assembling a truly global team of the top developers and programmers to create this disruptive technology and work of art. 


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I'm Ready for the

Full Story

First, I'd like to see a Story in Action

Okay, we've done just that, we've taken the above three videos and integrated them into a story. Perhaps the greatest adventure story of the 20th century, a story that we own the rights to and has more lessons for leadership than any other. Here we introduce you to Scott and Amundsen's race to the South Pole.



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Toronto, Canada