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Story & Metaphor are Central to Learning
At StoriedGround we harness the most powerful and meaningful stories & metaphors into advanced experiential learning programs, built on our interactive TownHall platform. Scroll below to see our top drawer programs like TeamEverest and PolarLeader, our Tools for Transformation and our unique Learning Platform Townhall Builder.
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Ten years in the making, full of powerful insights into many aspects of leadership and culture. PolarLeader explores a variety of leadership styles played out through trust, adaptability, commitment, innovation, team development, embracing dissent, EQ, values, integrity, risk and reward.
We have gamified the race to the South Pole; immersing you in the greatest leadership adventure story ever told, with emotional depth, rich imagery, immersive storytelling and practical learning for transformative leadership.
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TeamEverest has been played by street youth and elite executive groups all over the world for many years. Its ability to hold people’s attention and engage them in real learning and development has been proven over and over again from the Great Wall of China to boardrooms across North America.
Our time-tested and preeminent program is TeamEverest, the most compelling way to deliver facilitator-led on-site training. TeamEverest can be elegantly adapted to any organizational context, bringing heightened awareness and meaningful attention to real-world challenges.
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We cannot always be climbing towards the summit. There are times when every individual and every organization needs to pause and reflect, to find their bearings. On a true-to-life expedition to Mt. Everest, participants find themselves caught in a life and death battle between a military-style leader and angry mountain Gods. Some team members withdraw from the expedition and in doing so they begin an adventure beyond anything they dreamed possible.
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Often the status quo is NOT a safe harbour.
We must continually employ tools that allow us to traverse unknown territory; to innovate and find new paths to market while discovering the deeper roots of our organizational story and connecting with a shared higher purpose.


Imagine these story-based learning programs on a digital 
delivery platform that you can control, license and monetize.
Envision the possibilities for new Narrative Based Learning programs with a fully fleshed out return on investment model.
Migrate and supercharge your existing learning assets in a new tool that has been designed for Training and facilitation from the ground up.

TownHall Builder

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The future is in developing leadership skills at a younger age. We believe these kids need the best leadership and team development programs the world has to offer. How else can depressed Northern economies be transformed? And what better way to test our new programs and develop facilitation skills than with a range of kids from top performing to at-risk - all together.
For more than 10-years we have been fully committed to Northern Ontario youth twice winning the prestigious Paul Harris Rotary fellowship for our efforts.


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Bob MacDonald

President Bell Helicopter / Textron

“Without question the best conference we have ever had! The feedback I've got from our whole team, which just finished TeamEverest was outstanding [4.65 out of 5]. People loved it, they had a good time doing it and the interactions were very passionate. Most importantly it integrated with what we wanted to achieve in terms of our business objectives. We've used many suppliers in the past, but they have never met our objectives as well as TeamEverest has.

Michelle Alosinac

Ontario Heritage Foundation

TeamEverest was amazing. Everyone was excited about the prospect but didn’t really know what it would entail. From the moment you walked in the door you got a sense of the journey you were about to go on, right through until you left, you really felt like you were making a journey. Walking into the room and hearing the sound of wind flapping against the tent, seeing a real base camp set up, the giant screen images, the lanterns on the table and the Pringles. It was a complete experience and it didn’t end when the lights went up and the doors opened at the end of the event. …It brought our relationships to a different level afterwards.

Bob Harris

Geller, Shedletsky & Weiss

I am someone who gets exposed to a lot of different training vehicles and training and facilitation products. I would have to put TeamEverest at the top end of the spectrum both in terms of how people learn and return on the learning investment. …it is certainty state-of-the-art in terms of everything about it.

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