We no Longer Work for
Run-of-the-Mill Organizations

For 30 years of our products and programs have been used around the world, engaging Street Kids and CEOs. Now we are taking a stand for what we believe really matters.


We’ve always cared for people over the sales objectives of an organization or shareholder value. We have always endeavored to make workplaces environments where people thrive and grow and we have seen much that is not in alignment with this.

So we are taking a stand. We now only work for organizations that stand for something beyond profit. We call them Hero Organizations.


What do Hero Organizations look like?

Storied Ground

Up until recently it looked like people development and business success were separate goals, but it turns out that they are really two parts of a single thing. 

Deliberately Developmental Organizations, DDOs are focusing on a whole different way of being at work and are unleashing the potential of their people as a means of fully realizing organizational potential. At the heart of this process is removing the masks each of us wear at work: a courageous way to renew our organizations by growing our people. Read more about DDO’s


Hero Organizations are committed to supply-chain transparency, multiple stakeholders, social, ethical and environmental responsibility, organizations committed to solving a real problem in society and living their values out loud.


"Hero Organizations are dedicated to leading the way to a more conscious capitalism."

We work for you. Our team and our hand-picked colleagues are committed to this vision and we give 100 per cent in supporting you to be successful, because we believe you are the future.


Our commitment is to serve you through all our programs and resources with the lowest price point possible, including pay-it-forward options.


We can help you radically and meaningfully tap into the full potential of all your people. Inspiring them to live, lead and share the vision and values of your organization.

Here is an example of a DDO: an excellent picture of one organization, Next Jump, that focuses on people development. 

Storied Ground

"We turn the training model inside out and upside down.

By not focusing on teaching or instructing, we inspire you to discover the greatness within your people and your organization."



WHAT if everyone in your organization became a storyteller. We have a series of organization-wide programs that take meaning-making and engagement off the charts. Transform your employees into brand advocates and empowered storytellers. Give them a voice so you can change the world together.


EXPLORING Paradoxes and Polarities is a means to address fundamental tensions that exist in your organization and allow you to escape the trap of either/or thinking . We do a review of the paradoxes, polarities and dilemmas that you are currently facing and experientially address them in a way that builds understanding, deeper communication and greater freedom of choice.

Once you realize the potential of narrative and the power of experiential learning - you want to combine the two - and set the interactive dial to MAX. That's what Townhall does. Its PowerPoint on plant-based steroids crossed with action learning with a built-in interactivity engine. It also makes sure that your learning investment remains secure and allows you to monetize and share that investment securely. Put a cool million into your training, put it on a platform that extends, and protects your investment

TeamEverest and our soon to be released TeamEverest VR have been played by street youth and elite executive groups all over the world for many years. Its ability to hold people’s attention and engage them in real learning and development has been proven over and over again from the Great Wall of China to boardrooms across North America.  TeamEverest, the most compelling way to deliver facilitator-led on-site training and can be elegantly adapted to any organizational context, bringing heightened awareness and meaningful attention to real-world challenges

Through the power of short storytelling sequences from the superbly produced mini-series Last Place on Earth, combined with interactive exercises, experiential activities, organizational links and learning models all woven together on our interactive platform Townhall Builder. We bring this story to life within your organization, allowing the power of inspiration, insight and real-world lessons in truly effective leadership to bring renewed life to your organization’s own mythic narrative.

Everything we do is

built on Storied Ground

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