Enter this Living Leadership Laboratory. Never before in history do we have so stark a comparison of leadership styles, the impact of culture, motivation, team dynamics and all the factors that contribute to organizational success. Between the British and Norwegian expeditions, we experience polar opposites. Two cultures meeting and being tested in the harshest environment on the planet. Forget dry leadership lessons: this is a living leadership lab comparing the impact of every aspect of leadership. Join us as we go to the ends of the earth to bring you the most exciting leadership story every told.

A relevant and epic story of  Scott and Amundsen, polar opposites racing to the  South Pole

Our unique approach, developed through many years of designing delivering TeamEverest experiences to hundred of clients and tens of thousands of participants is to create a core instructional design team of four One Story Designer, one Experiential Designer, a Learning Designer and Organizational Lead who is usually the Lead Facilitator. Together we work directly with your Leadership team or liaise through the Lead Facilitator. This ensures that whether we are delivering a 3-hour program or a 3-Day program, the experience and learnings are congruent at every level with your specific organization at this specific moment.
Our commitment, which few other training programs can match, is that ALL our programs will inspire participants to reach their team, division, and organizational objectives without hype or false "ra-ra” manipulative attempts at motivation. Instead, participants are inspired intrinsically through the compelling story, the metaphor, organizational links to their real world working experience. For this reason PolarLeader and our other programs are uniquely suited to both training events and conference programs.
We are opposed to a cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf or one-size-fits-all approach. Yet we have found over the years that by developing an extensive resource library of themed story elements, learning models and experiential activities we can rapidly create a remarkable experiential narrative that is unique to each client.
We have a unique technology that allows us to pull all these elements together easily and even continue to customize the program live with participants. It is a new Narrative Based Learning Platform called Townhall Builder Presents. It allows the team to author a unique program for our clients, one that is completely secure and copyright protected and yet still entirely adjustable. We even have a cloud-based manager built in that allows a custom designed PolarLeader program to be shared within an organization.
PolarLeader explores a variety of leadership behaviours played out through themes of Trust, Adaptability, Commitment, Innovation, Team Development, Embracing Dissent, Failing Forward, EQ, Cultural Norms, Strategy, Paradox, Dilemmas, Oppositional Values, Vision, Values Based Approaches, Integrity, Risk and Reward. This list continues to grow as we adapt the program for new clients.
"Forget about Jules Verne's, Charles Dickens's, Mark Twain's or whatever other adventure stories you might have read growing up. This is the ultimate adventure book and it's stunning because IT ALL HAPPENED!!" - lavinia 
"Overall, a stunning work that really stands on the shoulders of the Earth's greatest Polar explorer." - Shreyas Garg
"This book is many things: the story of the race to the South Pole, a dual biography of the rivals, Englishman Captain Robert F. Scott and Norwegian Roald Amundsen, adventure and exploration of the Antarctic, and above all a tale of leadership--superb and inept." - Lisa 
With over 9 hours of source footage we can select the most powerful sequences to match what is happening within your organization - so it seems that you are playing your own story. To this we add experiential activities and learning modules to the overall instructional design. The resulting experience is just for your organization at this moment in time.