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Frequently Asked Questions

PolarLeader - Frequently asked questions

How come there are no women in PolarLeader?

There are women in this story but they were minor characters and we found them poorly portrayed and acted. The main reason is the story took place at the turn of the 19th century and women were not well represented in this patriarchal society. This is part of the lesson of this story and open to discussion. What we now know is that there were some exceptional women explorers in that time period. To my mind perhaps the greatest explorer of the early 19th century was Alexandra David Néel. Alexandra David Néel was an explorer of both inner and outer worlds for her entirelong life. She is seen on her left with her adopted son Yongden Sara Wheeler is an author and contempory explorer who has traveled and written extensively on Polar exploration. Her book Terra Incognita is an excellent weaving of Polar history with her Antarctic journey into this previously masculine domain.

Why is Tim's name not mentioned everywhere?

Because who better than Tim to know, "its not all about him."