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There are few thing more satisfying than entering a conference room that no longer looks like a conference room but a stage set for a transformative adventure. We have provided theming for hundreds of venues, from simple but effective elements like recreating basecamp to elaborate entrances where the CEO arrives by helicopter and parachutes in with a message from up ahead.
All theming is designed to deepen and support the leadership message and objectives. We work collaboratively to create the most effective environment and stage for learning objectives and visions to be realized.

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Our main focus is to support trainers and facilitators to deliver the PolarLeader program. From the get-go we have designed our programs to be easy to facilitate. The experiential story is built in and so you can focus on adapting to client needs and delivering a truely great program.


We offer you technical support with our fully customizable training platform TownHall Builder Presents, an Experiential Learning Designer with 30 years of experience and also a Story Consultant, who is thoroughly versed in the story, video production and theming. So you are well supported every step of the way to ensure you hit it out of the park the first time.


If you are interested in learning more please send us an email to Storied Ground and we'll send you the password to our facilitation site.

Case Study

We trained Linkages to deliver TeamEverest to a prize client of theirs. Intuitive Surgical, one of the fastest growing companies in North America. They train doctors and create robotic, minimally-invasive surgical equipment.


Our program formed the basis of their 3-Day Collaboration program at Intuitive University.


We worked directly with Linkages Instructional Designer Jill Maver Ihsanullah and built the program entirely on our training delivery platform Townhall Builder Presents


We remotely trained Rich Rosier, the lead facilitator, and an SVP at Linkages. We also supported the program with extensive theming and on-site support.


Some unsolicited feedback from Jill and Rich:

Thank you, John and Mark!  ... It was a highlight of my year! 


Rich is doing great in Atlanta!  This week, some of the participants told him the program was the single best training event of their entire lives.  :)


We are thrilled!


- Jill


Thank you John and Mark!  It’s a great program to facilitate!


- Rich